Grace and Peace to you from God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.


Hi everyone,


It’s with great pleasure that I write to inform you that we will be returning to worship in person from the 2nd April. Our first service will actually be a reflective communion service on Good Friday 2nd April at 7:30pm and then our Easter service on Sunday morning 4th April at 11am.


On our return let me simply remind and update you on a few things.


Firstly, it is a government law that we must wear face coverings when entering and exiting the building. If you are not wearing a face covering we will assume that you have a medical exemption and we have a designated area where you and your family can join with us in worship. Masks will be made available if you have forgotten your own and we would ask you wear them for the whole of the service.


Secondly, our “one way policy” is still in effect. That means everyone has to enter the church through the doors on the Magill hall side of the building and exit through the link side. For the Magill Hall the entrance and exit is the same. At the end of the service we would ask that you wait for the stewards to show you out row by row.


Thirdly, stewards will be on hand to give your hands a wee spray with hand sanitiser and pass you on to other stewards who will seat you. I’m afraid it won’t be possible for you to sit where you normally sit, we have to fill up seats as people come in. This may feel very strange for many of you, but try to see it as an opportunity to get to know someone who you might not normally sit beside! You might make a new friend! Also, there are no pew Bibles so you may wish to bring your own.


Fourthly, during the service there are bathroom facilities available but we would ask that you only use them in an emergency. We’re to minimize their use if at all possible. There will be sanitizing station available to wipe down doorhandles etc after use, so please if you do have to use the bathroom make sure you wipe everything down. Those seated in the church building can use the disabled bathroom next to the youth room, and those in the church hall can use the disabled bathroom in the Magill foyer.


Fifthly, we have cleared the link of excess seating and tables. This is to facilitate those with young children who might need a bit of extra space during the service.


Sixthly and finally, we have to ask that you make sure you do not congregate around the exits after the service. When chatting please still ensure you are wearing your face covering and observing social distancing.


Again we just want to preemptively thank you all for your cooperation. This is not how we would choose to meet as a Church and it might feel very strange and frustrating to you, but we want to ensure everyone feels safe as we move towards returning to normal. I look forward to seeing you all!


Love in Christ




on behalf of the Kirk Session of Abbots Cross Presbyterian Church.