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ACE Junior
Ace Juniors is a youth club for children aged P1-P5. It is a safe, fun environment for children to play and have fun! Each week there are a variety of games and crafts to get involved in. There is also an opportunity to hear more about God and a story from the Bible each week.

Ace Juniors meet every other Saturday night from 6.00 - 7.30 pm (September to April). We would love to see you there!
ACE Youth
Ace Youth is for young people aged P6 upwards. It aims to provide a safe and fun place for young people to hang out with their friends. There are games each week including football and dodgeball. There is also an x box and board games for the less energetic! Each week a leader will share something from the Bible and explore what this means in the lives of our young people.

Ace Youth meets every other Saturday night (Sept - April) at the following times:
7.30-9.00pm P6 - Yr8
7.30-10.00pm Yr9 up
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Cuppa & Chat
Engage meets together in the Summer months (usually May - August) and is for those in their 20s and 30s to hang out and catch up. We have a variety of social nights from board games to mini golf to escape rooms. Everyone is welcome and it's a great place to get to know others better. Please get in touch for full programme details. We would love to see you there!
FM Club
Friendship & Needlework
Girls Brigade
Girl’s Brigade provides a place for girls of all ages to meet, socialize and have fun. There is a varied Programme each week including games, crafts and a tuck shop! We spend time week studying the Bible and exploring how we can live out our aim - to seek serve and follow Christ

We meet on a Friday night and we would love to see you there! Please get in touch if you would like to know more.

Tiny Tots -
Explorers -
Juniors -
Seniors/Brigaders -
Grow is the youth fellowship for those in year 10 upwards. It aims to help our young people grow in their faith. We look at some big issues in society considering what God has to say in His word. We study the Bible together and learn from each other. We have fun every week with a variety of games and look forward to a weekend away each year!

Grow meets the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month at 7.45pm. We would love to see you there!
Meeting Point
Mens Fellowship
Men’s fellowship meets the first Friday night of every month at 6.30. The night begins with a delicious home cooked meal which gives time to catch up with each other and this is followed by dessert! There is a Programme of speakers each month who come to share their testimony of how God is working in their life or their experiences of serving God both here and abroad. It’s a group for men of all ages and all are welcome to join. To find out more please get in touch!
Midweek Meetings
Midweek Meetings
Mums & Tots
ROC stands for Relying on Christ and that’s what we aim to encourage our young people to do. We meet every other Sunday night at 6.30 during our evening service. It is for young people in P6-Yr9. Each week we look at a different topic or character from the Bible and through games and bible studies we explore what God is teaching us and how we can apply this to our lives. We always finish the night with supper which gives our young people the chance to catch up and connect with each other.
Table Tennis
Table Tennis club is a space where players of varying ability come together for fun and fellowship. This is open to anyone, so don't be afraid to if you haven't lifted a bat before. You'll also get a cup of tea, a bun and plenty of laughs.

Please get in touch for dates and times.
Women Together
Women together is a ministry for women of all ages. It provides a place for women to gather together to study God’s word and enjoy fellowship together. There is a Programme of bible study, testimony’s from guest speakers and social outings.

Women together meets once a month and for full details on our Programme please get in touch!
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