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We've put together a short booklet giving more detailed information about the refurbishment project itself, and how you can support this work in the weeks and months to come. Feel free to download the booklet by clicking on the link below.

Building Today for Tomorrow - Abbots Cross Presbyterian Church - 2014
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4th April 2015:  Opening Thanksgiving Service at ACPC...everyone welcome!

We're nearly there...it's been a great adventure over the last year as we've watched the extension take shape.  The keys have been handed over and the builders are putting the finishing touches to the inside of the building itself.  We're getting ready for the Opening Thanksgiving Service to mark the official re-opening of the building on Saturday 4th April at 2pm.  We're really welcome to come along and join us...we'd love to see you!

27 February 2015: Painting and Sanding...

We're nearly there...hopefully within the next couple of weeks the builders will have finished their work and then it''ll be a matter of adding the finishing touches to the Audio Visual equipment, and furniture. In the last two weeks we've seen things really taking shape outside, particularly with the rear car park and the glass finishes on the front and back entrances.  Inside, the pews in the Sanctuary have been lifted to allow the ceiling to be painted and the floor sanded and varnished.  In the coming week the pews will be repositioned in the Sanctuary. The kitchen has also been fitted and we've ordered some new furniture for the new community space area, which is going to be called 'The Link'.  Please continue to pray for Robin, our Architect, all the building team at W&R Moore, and the Church Session and Committee as they guide and direct things.

13 February 2015: A deep clean...

Every day things seem to be changing on the building site as we move closer to completion of the project.  In the past week the Church Committee gave the go-ahead for the church ceiling to be painted and the floor to be sanded and polished (probably the first time this has been done since the church was built).  This means that the pews need to be lifted and stored for a couple of weeks. This work began today. It's wonderful too to see the glass in place, and the sense of light and space in the new community space is terrific.  Please continue to pray for Robin, our Architect, all the building team at W&R Moore, and the Church Session and Committee as they guide and direct things.

6 February 2015:  A hive of activity...

There has been a hive of activity over the last couple of weeks...one of the biggest milestones this week was seeing some of the glass panelling being added to the front of the building. Inside the internal doors have been added, the stage at the front of the sanctuary is continuing to take shape, and we're in the process of finalising plans for the new kitchen and internal furnishings.  The next six weeks will no doubt be hectic, but it's wonderful to see things really beginning to take shape...

19 January 2015:  The final stretch...

As the weather continues to remain cold, the builders are braving the elements as they enter the final stretch of this building project. Over Christmas the concrete floors had time to dry out. Raymond McKnight and his team of trusty volunteers did a great job in laying the pipe work for the new heating system. Walls have been painted. Electrical and AV wiring fitted.  And a new stage is being built at the front of the meeting house.  We're waiting for the new windows to be made available and fitted later this month.  Things are really beginning to take shape. Please continue to pray for all those involved in the building project, as they work hard to meet the end of February target completion date.

10 December 2014: It's baltic!!!

A weather bomb may be buffeting this little part of the world but that isn't stopping the workmen from continuing their work on the refurbishment project. Things are continuing to take shape with the vestibule at the front of the meeting house, and with the social space at the rear.  Inside the sanctuary the large arch at the front of the hall is being painted while the pressure is on to finish the tracking and pipework before the concrete flooring is laid just before Christmas.  Check out the photos below and please continue to pray for all those involved in this essential work...

17 November 2014:  It's a day for wellies...

After a week of torrential rain and some strong winds, we're in need of heavy-duty wellie boots as we wander around the building site!  The work continues and good progress has been made in the last couple of weeks.  As you will see from the photos below, the vestibule is coming together well and the roof has been added to the extension at the rear of the building.  Inside the main sanctuary, the stage has been taken away, and the doors to the stage lowered. The original entrances on either side of the stage at the back fo the sanctuary have been bricked up too.  There's lots going on and the team is working hard towards the completion date of the end of February 2015 (God willing).

17 October 2014: Take a look inside and out...

The Design team, builders and church committee members had another encouraging site meeting on Thursday 16th October 2014.  Work is continuing both inside and outside the church building and things are changing each day as you drive past the premises.  


Here are some photos giving the latest views from inside the main church sanctuary (you'll notice the dome has been bricked up at the front of the sanctuary, and the staging has been removed at the back) and outside as the new extension takes shape...

1 October 2014: Taking shape...

As the leaves begin to change colour and fall from the trees, we're beginning to see new growth in the renovation project. Things are beginning to take shape at the front and rear of the building, as the brick work continues and as we begin to get a sense of the footprint of the new extension.

10 September 2014:  A lot has been happening over the last couple of days...

A lot has been happening over the last couple of days, with the new front entrance to the church being opened up, the internal stage at the back of the sanctuary removed, the concrete sub-floors being laid, and the steel work being erected at the rear of the building...we're beginning to see the overall layout of the extension taking shape...

28 August 2014: Here's an update on the building work - in the next week or so we'll begin to see the steel work being added to the rear of the building and concrete floors inserted...watch this space

1 August 2014: The brick work begins in earnest...

15 July 2014: The holidays are here but the work has been continuing at a pace...

Over the last month the building team has been working hard to finish the demolition work at the rear of the building, and to lay foundations for the new extension. The vestibule has also been demolished in readiness for the next phase of the building project.  We'll keep posting more photos over the next month...



10 June 2014: The demolition work has well and truly begun...

31 May 2014: The end of the first week of refurbishment work...

26 May 2014: Let the building work commence...

Just before 8am on Monday 26th May 2014, the building contractors - W&R Moore - arrived onsite to begin the refurbishment of the front and back sections of the main church building.


Here are some 'before' pictures of the parts of the building that will be refurbished over the course of the next 8 months. Please pray for those who will be carrying out the building work - pray for their safety, for strength and wisdom in every aspect of the project...



25 May 2014: Getting used to our new surroundings for the next 8 months...

As people gathered together for Sunday worship today, it took a minute or two to get used to the new surroundings. For the next 8 months we'll be meeting for worship in the main hall at 11am every Sunday morning.


There is a real sense of anticipation and excitement as we get ready for the builders to arrive onsite tomorrow, Monday 26th May.  There was a bit of buzz about the hall today as people sat in different places than they nornally would, and began to get to know folks who they possibly had never talked to before.  


We continue to pray that God will guide us during this time of refurbishment, and that as the building work takes its course, we would keep sharing the love of Jesus with those we meet each day.



18 May 2014: Our last service of worship in the main church building, before the Contractors arrive...

There were mixed emotions on Sunday morning 18th May 2014 as the church family gathered together for one final time in the main church building, to worship God, before the renovation work will begin. Ivan lead the service and Stevie preached on Paul's experiences in Ephesus, in Acts 19.


Over the next week work will be carried out to dismantle the sound system and praise band area at the front of the sanctuary, as well as clearing out the stage area at the back. This is in readiness for the building contractors arriving on site on Monday 26th May.


From Sunday 25th May, until the end of the renovation project (which is scheduled to be completed by 31st January 2015), we will be meeting together for worship on Sunday mornings at 11am in the main hall of the church complex. Evening services will continue as normal at 6.30pm in the Magill Hall. The weekly programme of activities will also continue as normal, though some groups are beginning to wind down for the summer break.


Car parking may be limited during the renovation project - however we would encourage people to make use of the Health Centre car park just beside Abbots Cross Presbyterian Church, or to park on the road side around Abbots Cross village itself.


The church office will also be closed during renovations (it will be demolished along with other parts of the building).  Irene will be working from home over the next 8 months at 34 Fernagh Drive.  Irene can be contacted Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 9am to 11.30am on 028 9086 5831 or 07743 573 641. You can also get in touch with us by emailing info@acpc.co.uk  Alternatively feel free to contact Ivan Neish (Minister) on 028 9086 2923 or Mark Johnston (Assistant Minister) on 07736 769 744.


We understand that there will be some disruption over the next 8 months as the renovation project gets under way, although we will do our best to keep this to a minimum. Please continue to pray for the building contractors as they begin their work, for the Kirk Session and Committee as they oversee the process and lead the church family during this period of transition, and for the church family as a whole as we look forward to this new and exciting step in the life and witness of Abbots Cross Presbyterian Church.


April 2014 Update

As a Congregation we committed ourselves to a major renovation project to our premises in July 2013. Since then, we have been continuing the process of working with our design team to put our project out to tender. Tenders came in higher than the original estimate for our renovation. 


The Session and Committee decided that we should seek the approval of the Congregation to increase our borrowing to cover the additional costs. On 14th April 2014 the extra borrowing was approved unanimously by those present at a Congregational Meeting.


Once we have arranged the funding for the project, and we give the Contractor the go-ahead, work could begin within three weeks, which we hope will be before the end of May. We are really looking forward to having our new premises, hopefully by early next year, and we would like to thank you in antipcation for your generosity in this exciting venture, which will be a great asset to the work of God's Kingdom in the years ahead.


February 2014 Update

Our renovation plans have been finalised, after much deliberation by the Kirk Session and Committee. These finalised plans are now in the process of being sent out to various firms to tender for the renovation project.


The tenders will be returned by the beginning of March and we are hoping that building work can commence by the beginning of April.


Thank you for your continued support for this exciting project.


3rd July 2013 Update

On 3rd July 2013 the church family gathered together for a special Congregational meeting to discuss the renovation plans for Abbots Cross. The drawings above give an idea of the planned refurbishments that will take place.


There was overwhelming support to proceed with the proposed renovation project. This will involve the demolition of the foyer at the front of the main church building, along with the stage area inside the church sanctuary, replacing these areas with a smaller foyer and central entrance into the sanctuary. Demolition will also take place at the rear of the building, making way for a spacious social area, an office, multipurpose room and toilets. We are persuaded that these renovations will provide us with more modern facilities, which will be an important investment in the work that will go on here in the years to come.


Watch this space for more updates on the renovation project over the coming months. If you would like to find out more about the plans ahead, and how you can support this work, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.  You can fill out a Contact Form, phone us, or email us: info@acpc.co.uk 




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